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What is a private and public block mean?

Any blockage solution is, in essence, a distributed registry that keeps a chain of transactional data intact. A blockage solution can be divided into two main types.

Private blockchain

Access to private blockchain solutions is usually located in secure, restricted areas of a network, and the rights to view or add information stored in such blockchain are predetermined. These solutions are usually managed by one or more companies. An example of such private solution is Hyperledger Fabric.

Public blockchain

Public blockchain solutions provide equal access to any network member and allow them to read or add data to the system. The most popular public blockchain solutions such as Bitcoin or Ethereum work this way.

Private Blockchain Ecosystem

We implement permissioned distributed ledgers and blockchains with Hyperledger Fabric Hyperledger Sawtooth and Quorumplatforms. By taking care of enablement, maintenance and support, we help bringing companies a smooth shift towards new advanced technologies.

By delivering this stack to your workflow, we can enable you with an enterprise grade blockchain, built and tuned specifically for your needs.

Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is a framework designed for a development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers.

Creating a private blockbuster with Hyperledger Fabric provides you with a solution:

  • modular architecture
  • pluggable consensus algorithms
  • private registries with restricted access
  • flexible identification management mechanism
  • a data warehouse with a constant state
  • flexible models of trust
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Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth is a modular platform for building, deploying and running private blockchain networks based on the Proof of Elapsed Time consensus algorithm. The main advantage of Sawtooth is a separation between the application level and the core system, which gives developers a possibility to specify the business rules appropriate for their application, using the language of their choice.

The main advantage that Sawtooth gives developers is the separation of the system core from the application level, which allows developers to create the necessary rules of behaviour for applications in any language.

The core functionality of the Hyperledger Sawtooth includes:

  • Private network creation
  • Ethereum compatibility with smart contracts
  • Parallel execution of transactions
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Consensys Quorum

Consensys Quorum is an Ethereum-based distributed ledger platform, which helps to implement permissioned implementations of Ethereum and supports transaction and contract privacy.

Quorum supports:

  • Privacy at transactional level
  • network transparency, configurable according to business requirements
  • a transaction blockchain among a limited group of specific participants
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Blockchain transforms businesses in a way no technology ever did before. It adds a whole new level of time and costs savings, tighter security, transparency, improved auditability and increased operational efficiency.

Monitoring blockchain solutions based on Hyperledger Fabric

Control over the stability of all components of the block solutions.

Tools for monitoring

Build reports, visualise problems, find weaknesses, receive urgent notifications. The uninterrupted operation of the IT infrastructure is achieved through properly selected and configured monitoring solutions. They allow for timely notification of emerging problems and the prevention of system malfunctions.


A combination of three systems: Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, which together represent a powerful tool for collecting and analysing information, in particular log files.

Elasticsearch is a data warehouse with an integrated search engine.

Logstash a tool for collecting, filtering and then redirecting data to the final repository. Its main task is to receive data in any form: from a file, database, logs or information channels. The information obtained can then be modified using filters and sent to a customer system, in this case Elasticsearch.

Kibana an interface for Elasticsearch, which makes it possible to search for and view data in an easy-to-read format represented by tables, charts and graphs.


A tool for monitoring events and managing alerts. The application writes real-time metrics into a time series database and has a flexible query mechanism and real-time alert sending functionality.

Prometheus can monitor a wide variety of systems: servers, databases, individual virtual machines, containers and network blocks.

Monitoring Hyperledger Fabric

  • Monitoring and management of Hyperledger Fabric components
  • Identification of problems and support for network block operations
  • Visualisation of activity in the network block

Monitoring levels

  • Physical infrastructure
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Containerisation level
  • Application layer
  • Databases and other various other components
  • Blockchain network

Advantages of Smart Contracts


Once a smart contract is deployed to a blockchain network, it will be executed consistently and automatically as the programmed events occur.


Secure and consistent execution of smart contracts is provided by decentralized nature and consensus algorithms of a blockchain network. None of the parties can make changes in a smart contract once it's deployed to blockchain.


Smart contracts allow to exclude inefficient parties from supply chains. Transactions are executed automatically with no additional approval by the smart contract parties.

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