It’s time for a new kind of opportunities for business.

At D+P we dive deeper into all possibilities of Blockchain technology implementation and its applicability across industries.

Our expertise


Architecture development for your existing or newly developed software solutions using blockchain platforms and smart contracts.


Nontemplated smart contracts development for your projects in any business area. Smart contracts integration to existing solutions.


Smart contracts audit using automated and manual tools, that search for errors and potential security hazards.

Meet the Lead D+P team

Max Dmitriev

Max Dmitriev is the CEO of D+P, which he founded in 2020. Max has built strong and innovative team of software technology engineers, overseeing breakthrough custom blockchain and software technologies.

Prior to founding D+P, Max was a senior consultant of software engineering, was responsible for the development and delivering multiple projects for HM Government.

Previous to that, Max was the senior developer of the Creative Division at Ogilvy.

Max also spent 6 years with Apple, as a web developer where he led the development and launching functions for Apple’s website in EMEA and CEMEA in London and Cupertino, California.

Kirill Grigorchuk

Kirill Grigorchuk is a D+P's Chief Digital Officer, responsible for leading a full cycle of work in business-processes development in a company.

As head of the Development group, Kirill leads a talented and experienced team focused on R&D Process Engineering, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Blockchain.

He also co-founded of Digital Forest, which is a member of the Blockchain Technology Association Belarus, a sector-specific collaboration among industry, government and academic leaders. Kirill now serves on Digital Forest board of directors.

Kirill graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree from Minsk Institute of Management in 2003 as well as a Specialist degree in Economics from Minsk College of Entrepreneurship.

He was a lecturer at Belarusian National Technical University and Belarusian State University where he teaches advanced Blockchain capabilities as well as run a blog about cutting-edge technologies.